Quality management right from the start! The fiber optic cable manufacturer from Germany, Siegen-

Niederschelden is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

FOS Inon Optics (UG) is a start-up founded in the corona turmoil at the beginning of 2020. Already this year, it decided to implement quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015. Interestingly, there were no requests from customers or industry. Instead, the entire company was scrutinized,

motivated by the desire to optimize internal processes. Particular attention was paid to the introduction of unique traceability for individual components. Thus, the course for further growth should already be set in this phase, considering the requirements of other markets such as medicine.

The process is managed and controlled by an independent expert committee. Starting with a piece of customer advice and planning, all individual processes are recorded and revised through execution to customer service. So, this directly influences customer satisfaction, management, and training of employees, and the working atmosphere – to name just a few essential points. So far, only a few small and medium-sized companies have dared to take the step of certification, but certification is a “must-have,”, especially in the photonics sector. The company from Niederschelden has recognized the long-term benefit and decided on this strategic move.

The auditors and process managers of the certification were very optimistic about the process and the company:

Quote from Mr. Knop (Auditor DNV, accompanying the introduction of the QM system DIN EN 9001:2015) to Mr. Kämpf, Managing Director FOS: “For a company of this size, it is astonishing how intensively one dared to process the documents and create such a logical, meaningful and implementable work system by the standard’s requirements. The remarkable thing about it is that you immediately discussed the goals you had worked out with the employees and were then introduced to the ISO 9001as suitable working aids.”.

Mr. Knop continues: “For a start-up, I wouldn’t have expected it to be like that straight away. Very well-organized office! “

The management plans to maintain and optimize these standards over the long term. FOS Inon Optics will undergo a quality audit at regular intervals to maintain this course. Furthermore, apprenticeships are to be allocated for the coming year with the prospect of being taken over in the company. An overview of all services is available on the web at www.fosoptics.com.

Short Profile: FOS Inon (Greek: Φως Ινών, fos inón; in English: light fiber) specializes in the development and production of customer-specific fiber optic cables for wide industrial and research applications to be a well-recognized high-end specialist in fiber optic assemblies.